It is a challenge and joy to bring our top-notch medical knowledge and medical technology to bear on diagnosing your pet’s condition. It is always our goal to find the answer to what ails your pet in the most efficient and inexpensive manner. In some cases, we can diagnose a condition with nothing more than a thorough history and complete physical examination. When diagnostic tests are needed, we are proud to work with a highly talented team of skilled technicians and consultants to perform the tests required to make a diagnosis. We also work with you on treatment plans to assure that recommended therapies are practical for your family (like liquid treatment vs injectable; drug therapy vs. rehabilitation.)

We utilize a state-of-the-art surgical suite along with the best in surgical monitoring equipment (ECG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature and warming blankets) and highly trained technicians to assure the utmost in safety and comfort for our patients that require surgery. Our veterinarians have extensive experience in advanced soft tissue procedures as well as rigorous training in pain management techniques. We are members of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and feel strongly that each pet’s pain management protocol should be carefully tailored to the condition and personality of that pet instead of a one-size fits all approach taken by many veterinary clinics and most spay/neuter organizations. Dr. Tabony has performed more routine spay and neuter procedures than colleagues twice her age after working for rural spay/neuter and charitable organizations. Our excellence in surgical techniques allows pets to be under anesthesia for as little time as possible while accomplishing the job at hand with precision, care, and concern.

There can be many fears that surround the use of anesthesia in your pet, but we can tell you from Dr. Tabony’s experience working in manyhospitals in the Charlotte area that your pet is receiving the safest anesthetic protocols and monitoring available, including trained technicians and surgical monitors similar to those used in human hospitals. We limit the number of surgical/anesthetic patients in a day so each patient receives careful personalized care. If you have questions before your pet’s scheduled procedure, we will be more than happy to answer them and set your mind at ease.

Our in-hospital laboratory allows us to diagnose intestinal parasites, lumps/bumps, mites, as well as blood and organ disorders during your appointment. In order to get the most information possible for the best value, we also utilize outside laboratories for routine blood testing (hematology, chemistry, and serology). For more unique cases, we also utilize top university laboratories in the country

  • North Carolina State University – parasitology – Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia
  • University of Minnesota – bladder stones
  • Texas A&M – pancreatic and gastrointestinal diseases
  • Colorado State University – flow cytometry for cancer identification

  • We stock a complete line of pharmaceuticals and prescription diets that are available at the time of your appointment so your pet doesn’t have to wait to begin to heal while a pharmacy to fills the prescription. For REFILLS, you may call the office at 704-821-7040 or e-mail (please allow 24 hours notice, though we can often fill them faster), or order through our secure online pharmacy and have your veterinarian approve the prescription and send it straight to your door. Shipping is free on orders over $39.00. We also price match (Identical products only, including all fees) online pharmacies though in most instances, our price is less to start with. After seeing many counterfeit products, products that have been tampered with (like less Frontline in the tube than is supposed to be there), and dangerous mistakes by prescriptions filled online, we feel strongly that you should get your prescriptions from the veterinarians you know and trust. In this article, the FDA warns about online prescription drugs. This is a video from the FDA about pet prescriptions in particular.

    ITAH’s upgrade to digital radiography in 2012 makes us one of the few veterinarians in the area to offer this advanced diagnostic service, which means less X-rays taken of your pet, clearer images, and a faster turn-around time. After an X-ray is taken we can be reviewing it with you in the exam room within 5 minutes. Digital images allow us to send the images home with you on a CD and allow us to consult with board-certified radiologists rapidly when needed.

    Our pets (especially cats) are very good at concealing pain and the signs can be very subtle. They may become slightly more withdrawn, or just sleep more. Our veterinarians take the comfort of your pet very seriously and have multiple ways to address discomfort. It is incredible to believe that in the 1980’s, pets undergoing surgery didn’t receive pain medications and many veterinarians still take a minimalist approach to pain control. Not here! At Indian Trail Animal Hospital, we are happy to say that abolishing pain is our priority. From nerve blocks to physical therapy, oral medications to pain patches, weight loss to constant rate infusions of IV drugs we have MANY methods of pain control to offer and will be happy to discuss which will be the best approach for your pet and your family.

    When you have an emergency, know that you are in great hands at Indian Trail Animal Hospital. Most veterinarians have limited experience in this demanding and unique area of medicine, but between our veterinarians, we have almost a decade of experience in emergency and critical care. You can be sure that our blood pressure remains low and our heads remain cool and focused when your pet needs us the most. All emergency cases receive priority care during normal business hours. After hours, there are two emergency clinics nearby.

    Indian Trail Animal Hospital was carefully designed to have an ICU area unique to most small veterinary clinics and our trained staff takes painstaking care of our hospitalized patients. From intravenous fluids to oxygen therapy, we are here for your pet when more intensive care is required.