Senior Care

Senior Care

Do you know when your pet is considered senior? It is often younger than you might think, especially when you have a large breed dog. At this stage of life, medical problems can creep up faster, discomforts creep in and affect quality of life, and pets become more susceptible to disease such as bacterial infection from periodontal (dental) disease. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends twice yearly examinations for our mature pets which allows our veterinarians to find and either fix or control conditions before they take a significant toll on your pets comfort and health. For example, arthritic pain is a common cause of euthanasia in large breed dogs, but if we can start weight loss programs, physical therapy and neutroceutical or drug therapies before muscle loss from dis-use becomes significant, we can add months of comfort to your pet’s life.

Disease screening

We recommend screening tests such as blood work and blood pressure (and potentially other items depending on your pets’ breed and specific risk factors) at regular intervals as your pet ages. During your bi-annual senior examination, we will discuss which tests are available and would be most appropriate for your pet.

End of life care

Pets are family at Indian Trail Animal Hospital and we know that the thought of your pet going to the “rainbow bridge” often comes with many questions and emotions. Rest assured that our veterinarians can help guide you through this challenging time - we help you learn the diagnostic, treatment, and pain management options and find the answers that make the most sense for your pet and for your family. If euthanasia is necessary, we take pride in the care and concern that every aspect receives – from explanation of the process, dim lights, and comfort of the pet to respect of your emotions. We are also sensitive to the space and time that you might want to share with your loved one after they are at peace. More than half of the thank you cards that we receive are from families that have had to say good-bye to a beloved pet and we are always humbled by the appreciation that our clients show, even in their time of grief. We offer clay paws for commemoration and work with the best in the business of end-of-life care for our pets – Faithful Companion. We hope that you don’t have to think about this service anytime soon, but when you do, please know that we are here for you every step of the way.